Tour de Fleece week 2

(Vain englanniksi tällä viikolla, olen sairaana enkä jaksa ajatella asiaa kahdella kielellä)
Last weekend I finally decided to dye some wool for myself. I have quite a lot of white basic wool in my closet (for example 1 kilo of shetland) and I wasn't feeling like spinning white 3-ply quite yet.
This one is interesting, it is by Novita, a Finnish yarn manufacturer. It is Hahtuvainen and meant for felting but I wanted to try to spin it, so I got out my pure white version of it and dyed it to make things more interesting.

Result is rather lovely. Spinning the Hahtuvainen was really easy and the yarn is quite pleasing. It is not as soft as some merino and polwarth I've touched, but there is nothing wrong with it either.
This is the blue faced leicester from the top picture. The sheen is real and the wool is lovely and it practically spins itself without any predrafting. (I did predraft this though since I was watching TV while spinning the yarn).
This is what you get when you try to learn to spin thick yarn. I've still a new spinner since all I manage to spin pleasingly is quite thin yarn. My attempts at thicker singles are rather uneven, in all possible ways.

Some lilac merino I got as a Christmas present from Villasatu. The top was almost solid and I love the resulting yarn.

This is some more of he dyeing works of last weekend, I wonder when I'll finish all of these?


Hanna said...

Ihanaisia villoja, minä saa kattilan vasta huomenissa ja ennen sitä en pääse värjäämään. Valkoista villaa on tylsä kehrätä.

Koitahan parannella itsesi.

TiinaV said...

Voi miten upeita! Itse vasta opettelen kehräämään värttinällä ja kokeilin ihan huvikseni Hahtuvaista. Oli yllättävän helppoa kehrättävää.

Elina said...

Vau, tulipa herkkulankaa tuosta Hahtuvaisestakin!