World's best women's day

See? Cute knitting related stamp. This has to be something really good from a knitterly friend.

I got a brief note from post office with today's mail. In short, it seemed that something coming to me had gone through customs (declared customfree), address locationing service (found to be going to the same address as stated), our hallway yesterday (postman didn't ring the doorbell, just signed "unreachable") and a lot of slush today. I went to pick it up today (the postal service netsite said it was something volume of 23 liters) with quite a curious mind. As soon as I saw the packet I was thrilled, it was from Suzanne (go read her blog, she is a good writer and the knits are really beautiful). Most of you don't know, but we have been visiting each other's blogs now for about 6 months (maybe a bit more) and she was the 100th commenter on my blog. Ever since my blog has gained a lot more popularity, but she remains one of the few truly foreign readers and the main reason I blog in English (any other readers reading this mainly in English? I'd love to hear from you).

This is what she sent me. Lovely, gorgeus stuff you cannot get in Finland. I guess I could have the koigu shipped (see? real Koigu! this is stuff I've only seen in photograph before!) and the plush I could have gotten from thinkgeek (but the postage is about twice the price of the plush). The plush is a e-koli bacterium, one of which is rarely seen in our almost meat free fridge. The best part is the colourful knitting needles, I've been drooling these for ages now. Suzanne, you worried in vain about them being long, they are 3 centimeters shorter than the needles I use most. I got them in five different sizes and only two of these are commonly available in Finland (1,5 mm and 2 mm, we get sizes every 0,5 mm which means no 2,25 mm knitting needles). And, as a Huge bonus there was whopping 24 packets of green Kool Aid (monetary value equivalent of 22 dollars here, if you could get it. We get the yellows and reds, sometimes the blues, but I've never seen any of the green in the two stores that import american stuff).

Yup, the needles look really good. If you excuse me, this Jitterbug and the yellow needles have some getting to know each other to do. The Koigu are looking envious in their lovely padded box, but they'll have to wait for a proper knitting pattern for them.

I had the box with me today to see some knitting pals in a cafe as a spontaneous meeting. When I reached there there were two of them already and I just couldn't stop myself getting it out of my bag. Three more were still to come, so I had to keep a keen eye on the packet so that some of it would remain for them to see. One of them claimed that I wouldn't do anything with the pink dpns, that they surely weren't my size. They all loved everything that was in. Thank you. This really really made my day. I hope they understand I might be a tad bit jealous of my pink needles though.


Tuulia said...

onpa tutunnäköisiä puikkoja. Hain eilen marketista samanmoisen paketin, ja nyt tikuttelen Opaleja nuilla samoilla keltaisilla :) pieni on maailma! :)

Suzanne said...

Your post about the box was a complete delight to read! I am so glad everything was to your liking. I was very amused by your description of me as "truly foreign." I feel like that so much of the time. I do know what you mean; there's a difference between being read by an expatriot and a native of a foreign country. Now that you mention it, I can see that you would use needles along the lines of 20 cm for something like your stunning Highlanders. Enjoy, and I hope spring visits you soon!

Pikku- Kettu said...

Oi mitä lahjoja! Tuo bakteeri on mainio! :)