No, vahingosta viisastuneena voisi tarjoilla oikeaa sisältöä, sillä sain viimein valmiiksi ne kauan puhutut Conwy-sukat kirjasta Knitting on the road: sock patterns for the traveling knitter, Nancy Bush. Ehdottomasti yksi rakkaimmista neulekirjoistani, sillä sen mallit ovat kauniita ja huolella ajateltuja. Lanka on Fortissima sockea, aivan taivaallista sukkalankaa. Tätä täytyy saada lisää.

 Anyhow, I will now offer real content to you: the Conwy socks. They are finished at last. The pattern in from the book Knitting on the road: sock patterns for the traveling knitter by Nancy Bush. It is one of my most loved knitting books because the models are really beautiful and designed with real care. They are knit with Fortissima socke, sockyarn that makes me now drool over.
On other matters: Spring if finally in Finland with all the power it has. The nature is waking up and everything is turning unbelievably beautiful. If you don't live in a country with climate like Finland you have no idea how grey some times of the year can feel. The greyness isn't only the lack of green in foliage, but it is also greyness of snow and sleet, greyness of the clouds and the neverstopping little rain which is enough to make you feel uncomfortable but not rain enough to make you wet. I sort of like to dwell in the darkness at times, because as bland as it is, it makes the colours in the world seem brighter and it also is perfect time to be tired and little depressed. I like the greyness because it makes spring and summer feel better, more alive.


möhönasu said...

Upean väriset sukat :)

Marja V said...

Lankaa olen muissakin blogeissa jo ihastellut, todella upeaa!